SEO Training Melbourne

SEO Training Melbourne delivers targeted education for individuals, groups and corporate teams.

SEO Courses Overview

Our address safe, best-practice methods. Additionally you’ll learn the methods used by successful web marketers. Also, this means that you learn practical, actionable skills. Furthermore, study on a website of your choice. When it’s content which you understand and have control over, your learning experience will be better.

SEO Training Melbourne shows how to target selected key-phrases. In turn, as you learn how to develop content for web pages, you’ll also be targeting the search terms that count. Also, assets have the power to boost your site’s visibility. Therefore, it makes sense to optimise them. When done right, they will feature in search verticals. Discover what it takes to achieve position zero. The has been well documented.
Furthermore, studies like this one on New York’s attest to the value of great SEO. Therefore, doing a course delivers ongoing value. In other words, the return on your investment of time, effort and money pays dividends.

Structured SEO Courses

Learn SEO optimisation. Firstly, see how pages are ranked. Next, develop content to meet the criteria. And save money by doing the work yourself. We have search engine optimisation courses which cover content development and inbound linking. Also, they explore website architecture and technical SEO. You will learn skills to be able to diagnose why website has lost rank. Or if it’s not performing as well as it once did, you’ll know where to look. Plus, you’ll know what to fix first. Also, pairing up the science and creative sides of website optimisation gets easier. Our SEO workshops cover what to do to a website of your choice for improved rank. This means when the class concludes, you will have a tailored plan going forward. Furthermore, checkpoints will help you assess progress.

SEO Training Options

As Melbourne’s premier SEO Training providers, we have a range of workshops available. Special classes focus on online shopping websites. Content includes product optimisation, and avoiding common mistakes. Also, modules include content siloing as well as writing product descriptions for SEO advantage.
A specific course is available.

Individual pages provide more detail. Select the best SEO training course for your current ability. Or simply complete the form. Classes are held every week. When you need specialised diagnostics and focus, private workshops are available. These are perfect for in-house marketers. Content developers can do our . As well as our top tips, it covers SEO writing. One of our courses will be right for you. If you need more information, we can help by phone or email.

Private SEO Coaching;
Technical SEO- all levels;
On-page: Metas, All assets;
Safe Back Linking;
Learn e-Commerce SEO.


Just Starting?
The biggest gains come from understanding the basics of SEO.
If you have had no experience or spent a little time optimising websites, look at the beginner course.
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