SEO Writing Course

seo writing course

This comprehensive SEO writing course is for content developers. Likewise, it is an ideal choice for online shop managers, marketers and bloggers. Hence it covers everything you need to know in order to write content that gets ranked and found in Google. Learn the fundamentals of how search engines work- crawling, indexing and ranking pages. Understand the principles and practices used by a professional SEO copywriter or website content writer.

This course is a blend of beginner SEO as well as intermediate skills, without the technical stuff.

SEO Writing Course Inclusions

Keywords: the Success or Failure of Content Written for SEO

First we look at keywords as they apply to content writing for SEO. Learn what a keyword is. When does a word become a keyword? Understand how the transition happens. Search engines have used keywords to understand what is on a web page. Next an algorithm grades each page according to a set of rules. Lastly, the best pages are shown within search results. Therefore, keywords underpin everything an SEO service does.

Bringing Keywords and Content Together

You will come to understand how to write optimised text for website pages. Equally bloggers, technical writers and online shop managers will benefit. Finally, greater search visibility will bring more traffic and revenue, to well-optimised pages.

You will learn how to always target the right keywords- the ones which apply to your particular audience or market. There’s no point ranking for keywords which don’t convert! Therefore it follows that detailed keyword research pays dividends. Read more Neil Patel’s blog piece about keyword research. Importantly, learn how to work through questions, prepositions and comparisons. As a result, you’ll arrive at the optimal mix of information within your writing.

Keyword Frequency and Distribution

How often you use a keyword, matters. Also, placement throughout the text is important too. The course examines page structure. It focuses on SEO writing techniques. Especially those which help build expertise. Learn the best places to use keywords. Equally, understand how often you should use them. Learn ways to not overuse keywords even when “enough is not enough”.

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