SEO Writing Course

This comprehensive SEO writing course teaches content developers everything they need to know in order to create written content that attracts organic search queries and traffic. Learn the fundamentals of how search engines work- crawling, indexing and ranking pages. Understand the principles and practices used by a professional SEO copywriter or website content writer.

SEO Writing Course Inclusions

Keywords: the Success or Failure of Content Written for SEO

We start by looking at keywords as they apply to content writing for SEO. Learn what a keyword is. When does a word become a keyword? Understand how the transition happens. Keywords underpin everything an SEO service does. Search engines have used keywords to understand then grade content according to a pre-determined set of algorithmic rules.

Bringing Keywords and Content Together

You will come to understand how to write optimised text for website pages regardless of whether you are a blogger, technical writer or responsible for product listings and descriptions within an online shop.

You will learn how to always target the right keywords- the ones which apply to your particular audience or market. There’s no point ranking for keywords which don’t convert!