SEO Freelancer Melbourne

seo freelancer melbourne

Get help from a professional SEO freelancer Melbourne business have relied on for the better part of two decades. And that’s a long time! Freelance search engine optimisation services will bring your website to the fore. Especially when people need what you offer.

Melbourne Freelance SEO Consultant

A freelance SEO consultant is a good choice for any business looking to boost organic reach.

  • Firstly that person will have the front-line experience of many, varied SEO campaigns.
  • Secondly, independent SEO specialists are at the bleeding edge of search technology. Sharp skills, quick thinking and the ability to spot the easy wins- are all essential attributes. Avoid traps. Keep your website out of the penalty box.
  • Thirdly, when someone needs to guide your marketing or content team, an outsider will get more done. Being impartial cuts through politics and policies. When clear decisions need to be made, this is essential.
  • Fourthly, an SEO freelancer will approach your search engine optimisation with purpose. This applies from analysis to research. Furthermore, from implementation to crunching numbers. An independent search engine optimisation specialist is driven by success.
  • Finally- having an SEO outworker will cost you less and deliver superior value.

How An SEO Mentor Helps You:

Learn to see through the fog. With every Google Update comes the wave of misinformation. This includes Blogs, Social Media Groups and the dreaded emails trying to instill fear into you.
If you try to absorb and process everything everyone says, you’ll never get any work done. Therefore, having an SEO Mentor- a Coach to guide you through the maze, will keep your sanity intact. Almost all search engine optimisation is simple to learn.
Just like driving a car.
By contrast though, becoming a competent driver takes time, which is why you need all the proper skills before you can get your licence.
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What I Bring to The Table

Over 20 Years in SEO

From the early days of ANZwers and Alta Vista, to Google once they got going. I’ve designed campaigns and propelled websites to page 1.

And Before That?

Practical profitable marketing- with an emphasis on strategy and out-foxing the competition. From concept to completion, and fine-tuned on the fly.

Finding Hidden Nuggets

Every business has something sitting there in full view, which can add revenue to their bottom-line. I’ll find it and bring it to life to boost profit.

Expert WordPress Skills

Advanced WordPress coding, development, debugging and plugin customising skills. Proper coding and optimised content boost SEO. That’s what I do.

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