Intermediate SEO Training Melbourne

intermediate seo training for greater understanding of search results data

Our intermediate SEO training builds on the material taught in our beginner search engine optimisation course. It has been created for students who already have an understanding of the SEO elements of a good web page. Therefore, it is best if you have worked with web pages and seen some results. Additionally, you’ll need to know your way around Yoast Basic or Premium. The course is perfect if you manage or are responsible for optimising an online shop. Furthermore, Woocommerce SEO training overlaps with the mid-level search engine optimisation course, if you request it. You can get an overview of SEO training for online shop owners if you need more information.

Is Intermediate SEO Training for You?

gain a deeper understanding of how searchers and visitors interact with your website through the power of analytics

How do you know if you should be attending the Intermediate SEO Training session?
If you:

  • Are an entrepreneur who has built a website or two and needs to learn more than the basics you know already;
  • Have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of SEO;
  • Are responsible for curating or optimising an online shop;
  • Have achieved some results with rankings and need to go to that next level;
  • Are a marketing or digital team leader with experience handling products, categories, and tags within woocommerce;

-then this mid-level SEO training is for you. Complete the form and inquire today. Check the SEO courses page to get the list of current dates.

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Intermediate SEO Courses: July 2024 Melbourne Dates

Course Level Date Times Cost
Intermediate Wednesday 10th July Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)

Intermediate SEO Training Melbourne: August 2024 Dates

Course Level Date Times Cost
Intermediate Wednesday 14th August Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)