Beginners SEO Course

beginners seo course covers essential techniques

Our beginners SEO Course in Melbourne covers all the important essentials. You’ll be able to use these techniques to optimise a web page. Learn about keywords, meta descriptions and titles as well as on-page headings and text. See what this Australian Government website says about SEO. You will also learn about images, audio files and video assets. Understand how to harness the power and ranking potential of these elements.
Get your site ranked throughout search verticals. This means your website will get found by a wider audience. This training class covers the essentials. These will give you the biggest wins when you tune the content of your web pages.

Group or Private Classes

A private group class is available. What’s the advantage?
Firstly, it’s just your people there. So you can discuss keywords and drill down to conversion strategies without having outsiders listen.
Secondly, we focus on just your website. You can openly request competitor analysis without prying eyes.
Thirdly, the experience and takeaways will be richer.
Finally the discussion won’t be diluted with looking at sites not relevant to your business.

Apply these principles to commercial websites as well as online shops- such as Woocommerce. See our Woocommerce search engine optimisation instruction course. It includes techniques for managing categories and products. You’ll also study overall architecture for online shops. Attend a beginners SEO course in Melbourne this week.

Beginners SEO Course Overview

learn the fundamental, essential principles of SEO for beginners

We’ll cover these topics at the beginners SEO course so that you can get to work right away.

  • Effective keyword research techniques
  • How to write meta descriptions, page titles and headings
  • Using keywords in web pages so that search engines can rank your page
  • Understanding the user experience in order to impress people and Google
  • How to build relevance using multiple channels which will give your content more expertise
  • The importance of links
  • The difference between internal and external links
  • Critical SEO mistakes you should avoid
  • Blogs and how to make them work for SEO advantage
  • Effective ways to overcome writer’s block because it happens to everyone

Most importantly, we’ll create a clear action plan on what you need to do. Take charge of your website’s organic search performance.

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Beginner SEO Course Dates July 2024 (Melbourne)

Course Level Date Times Cost
Beginner Tuesday 9th July Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)

Beginner SEO Courses Melbourne – August 2024 Dates

Course Level Date Times Cost
Beginner Tuesday 13th August Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)