SEO Courses Melbourne

We offer a range of SEO courses Melbourne students can participate in. Different modules cover a broad range of topics relating to on-page optimisation, inbound SEO which includes link building and citations for local business listings. Our Melbourne SEO courses are facilitated by trainers who walk the talk- people who are responsible for high performing websites throughout a broad range of industries and professions. Get SEO training to grow your skill set and become an even greater asset to your business or employer.

Melbourne SEO courses are held most weeks. If you’re wondering which is the best SEO course to attend- we offer the following advice:
How well do you understand the subject now? Most students who come to us to learn SEO have a grasp of the basics, from forums, blogs and reading websites.

Beginner Level SEO Overview

The syllabus of our seo course for beginners covers on-page essentials- like keyword targeting with intelligent research, proper content structure, and working with semantics as well as word co-occurrence. We also look at headings and implementing schema markup.

Beginner level SEO training also includes meta tags- page titles, keywords (yes they do still count!) and meta descriptions. You’ll learn about images and how to optimise them- how to override the standard WordPress media library settings for greater advantage.
We talk about menus- and how to configure them for best SEO advantage. And lots more.

Intermediate SEO

Our intermediate level SEO training course is developed to further the education of people who thoroughly understand the basics. Subjects include more technical things- like content siloing, managing products with multiple variants on ecommerce sites, and inbound linking from external sites to yours. You’ll learn about competitor research and how to quickly spot their weaknesses. No website on the internet is perfect- and we show you how to quickly detect opportunities to improve your site’s ranking.

Advanced SEO Training

The advanced SEO course is designed for people who have a website which is not moving in search results. It focuses on deeper and more thorough investigative and problem solving skills. If you need to do this advanced-level SEO training session it means there is something lurking within the website code or link profile of the domain that needs to be fixed. If you have a very messy site map with query parameter URLs indexed- or you’ve had a manual penalty applied through webmaster tools announcements- this is the course to do.

Search Engine Optimisation Courses Make a Difference

We have screen grabs and testimonials- real ones received over email from students who have hired us to facilitate SEO training in-house, as well as previous attendees. It is often possible to make some initial quick positive moves with rankings. Find out more about the SEO courses Melbourne webmasters and marketing staff have benefited from. Start the journey of getting your website onto the first page of Google search.