Advanced SEO Training

Attend an advanced SEO training course to break through the barrier of pushing a web page or complete website higher in organic search if you’ve hit a wall with your optimisation. This professional level search engine optimisation training class is for webmasters who already understand the fundamentals of ranking a web page. Ideally you will have had experience in achieving results and knowing what moved your pages higher in SERPS. Much like an athlete who gets coached by a sporting legend- you’ll be shown the small moves that make a big difference in the hotly contested positions on page 1 of Google.

Who is Advanced SEO Training For?

Advanced SEO training is for webmasters who have a firm grasp of the material presented in our beginner SEO course. If you manage a company website, an online shop or if you are a web developer or SEO provider- professional-level search engine optimisation coaching will take you to the next league.

The context of the training helps if you:

  • Have specific client-side SEO problems to deal with
  • Have reached a plateau with your skills and need to learn more
  • Have been impacted by a recent Google algorithm change or manual penalty
  • Are a wordpress web designer who is tasked with implementing SEO for new builds
  • Manage a website which is plagued with technical issues that need sorting

All advanced seo training sessions are one-to-one. This means the attention and comp-let’s focus are on your website, your SEO concerns- and developing a specific set of action steps to take you forward from where you are.

Get a Website Assessment

Use the contact form on this page and we’ll take a look over your website for you. We’ll quickly develop a syllabus based on the initial analysis. Once you confirm your attendance at an advanced SEO training session, we’ll dig deeper and uncover the cause of your site not performing as well as it should. On the day- we’ll hit the ground running- to develop a solid plan you’ll be able to implement yourself.