Advanced SEO Training

advanced seo training course

Attend advanced SEO training when you need specific high-level problems solved. What can you expect to learn? This course is for webmasters and marketers who have experience getting pages ranked. Therefore, content and asset development are things you understand well. Additionally, you can look at a web page and get insights into how well the page performs, simply from what you see on your screen. Furthermore, you have a good idea of how html and php work together to output a web page.

Who is Advanced SEO Training For?

solve high level technical search engine optimisation issues with advanced coaching

Advanced SEO training covers a range of subjects, related to technical, on-page and off-page optimisation. What are some of the subjects we will explore? Firstly, we make sure your website is technically sound. In particular, if you sell anything at all from an online store, we’ll check how that’s set up. Next, we’ll check the architecture and hierarchy of your website and page clusters for errors. Thirdly, we’ll assess the semantics of your on-page content. This means we review meta data, schema micro-data and markup. And finally every higher-level SEO class needs a discussion on back links. Get clarity on the cloudiest area of SEO. See through the fog and confusion with laser accuracy. Don’t lose your way in the link landscape. Ultimately, know the signs to look for and the traps to avoid.

Putting Training into Perspective

The context of the training helps if you need help with client-side SEO problems. Specifically, we’ll diagnose any ranking issues or technical problems. Have you reached a plateau with your skills and need to learn more? In particular, are there gaps in your knowledge of SEO which extend beyond the obvious?
Has your website been impacted by a recent Google algorithm change or manual penalty? For example, if a notice has appeared in Webmaster tools, we can advise you on a course of action. Next, we’ll track down any questionable links and recommend a recovery plan.

This training is great for WordPress developers and web designers. As a case in point, clients often expect that a developer has a fundamental understanding of SEO. It follows that you can offer more to customers when you have a broader skills set. Many if not all businesses who have a website are competing for visibility online.
All advanced seo training sessions are one-to-one. This means the attention and complete focus are on your website, your SEO. Also, we’ll design a specific set of action steps to take you forward from where you are.

Get a Website Assessment

Use the contact form on this page and we’ll take a look over your website for you. We’ll quickly develop a syllabus based on the initial analysis. Once you confirm your attendance at an advanced SEO training session, we’ll dig deeper. Next, uncover the cause of your site not performing as well as it could be. On the day- we’ll hit the ground running. In turn, this will develop a solid SEO plan. Additionally you’ll be able to implement it yourself.

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Advanced SEO Course Dates: July 2024 Melbourne

Course Level Date Times Cost
Advanced Thursday 11th July Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)

Advanced SEO Course – Melbourne – August 2024 Dates

Course Level Date Times Cost
Advanced Thursday 15th August Starts: 10:00 hrs,
Ends: 16:00hrs
$580 (Usually $770)