WooCommerce SEO Training Course

Attend a targeted WooCommerce SEO training course and boost the visibility of your online shop throughout organic search results. Our Melbourne SEO course for Woocommerce covers everything you need to do in order to get your products seen in search. Uncover the hidden advantages built into your online shop. The search engine optimisation training course for WordPress and WooCommerce addresses all the elements required to make a successful online shop.

SEO Training for Online Shop Owners

Specific modules covering online shop SEO essentials make up the bulk of the training. We look at ways your website can develop authority in order to compete against other sellers who stock the same products- even ways you can outrank the manufacturers for their own stock. And we have examples of our students achieving those results.
Learn about the right way to write descriptions for each page, how to use schema and micro data so that search engines can better understand what your product pages and categories are really about.

How many words should you have on a page?

And what about images- how to optimise product images for best SEO?

You’ll learn about search verticals and how to present your content for maximum ranking advantage.

We cover all these topics and more, in our SEO course for Woocommerce.

Woocommerce SEO Training in Melbourne

Our range of Melbourne SEO courses include classes which are specific to Woocommerce websites. Find out about attending a class to build your online presence and boost the visibility of your shop. Woocommerce SEO training will make a positive difference to your shop’s organic traffic acquisition.