Onsite SEO Training

onsite seo training workshops for corporate digital marketing teams throughout Melbourne

As part of our suite of we tailor onsite SEO training packages. As a result, these are perfect for digital marketing staff, website managers, content writers and product curators. Furthermore, these are developed as custom presentations. A session will address the unique requirements of your business.
Firstly, on the day, we conduct competitor research and help you target keywords which will lead to conversions.
Secondly we’ll audit of your website. This sets the framework going forward with the tailored search engine optimisation training.
Thirdly, on the same day, you’ll know how to fix any problems.

Advantages of Onsite SEO Training

Onsite SEO Training has benefits. Firstly it provides a new perspective on old problems. Next, people give their best, because there’s no politics or judgement involved. After that, come the best ideas! And finally we have a clear plan.

How to Get Maximum Benefit From an Onsite Session

First, know your market, your customers and what they really want. Next, list up to five competitor websites for review. It’s easy to reverse engineer a strategy. Consequently, you’ll have one big advantage. Knowing what others have done, to rank above you- is pure gold.

Who Should Attend?

We recommend that your attendees are from a range of departments. Your marketing people will gain valuable expertise. Website developers learn how to align development and coding, SEO best practice. Finally, CEOs and business owners should attend if possible. SEO presentations bring clarity. This applies from the top down.

What Can We Cover During Training?

We can discuss and recommend technical SEO repairs. Also, we’ll look for missed keyword opportunities. This means your website will attract more searchers. Consequently- that means more scope for conversion. Get ready to learn the framework of rank-worthy content. Finally- no discussion on SEO would be complete without looking at links. We’ll separate the good from the bad. So you’ll always be white-hat, without the risk of penalty. Complete the form on this page, for more information.

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